Wes Wilson

AAMFT Supervisor  |  719-331-3338

Areas of Concentration

  • Individual
  • Marriage & Family
  • Intimacy & Sexual Issues
  • Collaborative Communication
  • Pre-Marriage
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Co-Dependency
  • AAMFT and ACS Therapist Supervisor
  • Grief
  • Addictions (substances, alcohol, sexual)
  • Spiritual Dynamics
  • Psychometric Testing

Wes Wilson is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, Licensed Addictions Counselor, Approved Clinical Supervisor, and AAMFT Supervisor. As a Therapist he understands your unique situations and can accurately serve you. As a Supervisor he trains other therapists working towards certifications and licensure. He has been active in counseling and executive leadership for over 30 years.

Wes knows that many people have concerns about counseling. It can seem scary or risky. If you have ever had such thoughts, Wes is your counselor. He listens, he understands. Even though he is expert in recent advances in psychotherapeutic theory and treatment, Wes can be very sensitive about your unique background, perspectives and needs.

Many clients prefer Wes Wilson saying he is “different” than other therapists they have gone to. His style is more personal, and yet keen, insightful. Wes helps you, the client, to see what really happened in your past, what you’re going though now, and how you can navigate thru previously unrealized and creative choices determining a much better future.

Wes is known for helping individuals to “Find Answers”, and couples to “Get Each Other”. Initially trained at the well-known Pepperdine University Graduate School of Psychology, Wes earned his Masters Degree in Psychology in 1977. He since became Certified as a Collaborative Communication Therapist helping individuals, couples, and organizations to talk and listen better. As a Child and Family Investigator, Parenting Coordinator, and Mediator, Wes is expert in helping everybody, including multi-nuclear families, get along with each other.

Wes practices professional therapy using the most recent and empirically developed methods including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing Therapy, Collaborative Communication, sexual intimacy and compulsion therapies, Anger Management, Depression, PTSD, CISM, and ethics/cultural issues. When appropriate, he utilizes scriptures and principles from the Bible focusing on personal development and mental health.

For a number of years he served as President and Chairman of the Board for Marriage Plus, an organization that transformed thousands of marriages through seminars, workshops, and marriage counseling. Ordained as a minister of the Gospel in 1977, he serves a number of churches and organizations for counseling, leadership development, and seminar teachings.

Married for over thirty-six years, Wes and his wife, Gayle (also a psychotherapist) have experienced life’s greatest challenges and victories. Their first two sons died in birth, they navigated major career changes, executed large real-estate ventures, lived and taught in many countries, and raised two sons. Their first son is married and a director with Springs Rescue Mission. Their younger son is a cinematographer (MFA), and serves as the media director for a large ministry.

In a professional and confidential setting Wes can help you identify the critical factors that affect your situation. As he helps you to grow and care better for yourself, you can develop a whole new life path addressing your most personal needs—as well as the needs of others you care about the most.

Take note that Wes Wilson is a qualified provider for most insurance companies, including United Behavioral Health, Tri-Care, Aetna, Cofinity, Magellan, Com-Psych, Mines, EAPS, CHP+, etc.

Don’t wait any longer. Find the answers you need. You can get started right away towards the development of a successful treatment plan.

For more complete information go to his personal website: SpringsCounseling.com.

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