Marriage Counseling

Marriage is without doubt, one of our most sacred relationships.  No other relationship incorporates the same depth, trust, communication, and intimacy.  For it is in our marriage that we seek true love and build our family upon.  That is why on that sacred wedding day, we commit our lives to each other “until death do we part.”

However, marriage isn’t easy and challenges and pain can make keeping our commitments difficult.  Furthermore, marriage isn’t meant to accomplished by yourself.  It takes a team–you, your spouse, others, and God.  This is where marriage counseling plays an important role in being that necessary piece of the puzzle that brings “others” into your team to be on your side and advocate for you and your marriage.

In a greater sense, marriage is also one of the most important institutions that exist.  Marriage involves more than just you and your spouse.  It involves your family, extended family, and even community at large.  Marriage is foundational to each of our families, and it is foundational to our society.  This is just another reason why your step to reach out for help is so vital, and we thank you for it!

Whether it’s communication, conflict resolution, trust issues, blended family problems, finances, or intimacy, it all is painful.  So like you, we too want it resolved.  We seek to help couples recognize where the root of their issues comes from, and help bring every couple to a place of peace, reconciliation, growth, and deeper levels of love, trust, and intimacy.  Every marriage is designed to be a team, and we strive to coach each couple attain such a partnership.

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