Family Counseling

You’ve heard, “Family is everything.”  Well, along with our commitment to Christ, we couldn’t agree more.  Family is of the utmost importance, and that is why is can hurt so much when our family is not what is should or could be.

We see family issues as systematic, which is why we always prefer to involve as much of the family as possible in the recovery, healing, or change process.  Family problems can stem from so many places.  Maybe your family just went through a tragic event, lost a loved one, or moved to a new location?  Maybe you’re a blended family that is trying to find its way?  Maybe you’ve just developed some unhealthy family habits that have gained too much control?  Wherever your family struggles came from, we know one thing for sure–your family has been given the tools to overcome them.  You may just need someone to show you how to use those tools.  That’s where we come in!  Whether its emotional issues that your family is dealing with, blended family struggles, abuse, trauma, or general dysfunction, we can help.

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Family Specialists

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Nancy Siever, MA, LPC, RPT

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Rachel Stiff, LMFT