Child Therapy 

Is there anything we would not do for our child?  But there are many times as parents or caretakers that we don’t know what else to do.  We, too, know it’s not a matter of your heart or your love for your child that is the problem.  No.  But there are things that are sometimes out of our control as parents or guardians.  We try to shield our littles ones from harm, but the world we live in is directly opposed to us.

For whatever reason a child may be struggling, there is hope.  Our child therapists are deeply committed to every child they see.  They are devoted to restoring their innocence, helping them find their worth and value, strengthening them to stand up for themselves, and guiding them to the healing they need.

We have some fabulous programs specifically designed for children and their families to learn how to overcome whatever struggles they are facing.  Our play therapy center created by Nancy Siever and our experiential and equine programs founded by Jordan Hall are among the best.

Learn more about our child therapists by viewing their profiles below.

Child Therapy Specialists

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Charity Richardson, MA, LPC

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Rachel Stiff, LMFT

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Nancy Siever, MA, LPC, RPT