Affair Recovery Counseling

Alt Text The betrayal of an affair is a pain that is indescribable.  Trust is broken.  Connection is severed.  Intimacy is lost.

Because of this, we do not want to beat around the bush.  Affair recovery counseling is an absolute necessity, but it isn’t an overnight process.  Your relationship didn’t get to it’s current state overnight, and it will take work to recover it.  But know that you are not alone.  We are on your side.  While we can’t promise that this will be easy, we have seen miracles take place and both individuals and couples become stronger and better than ever before.  We are ready to help you find hope when you think all hope is lost, and we are ready to help you find healing to depths of your heart.  Are you?

Our affair recovery counseling therapists are experts in relationship reconciliation, forgiveness, rebuilding trust, restoring connection, enhancing communication, and regaining intimacy. And let’s not forget that we care about you, your marriage, and your family. We care about your story.  We care about your souls.

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Affair Recovery Specialists

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Teresa Sahhar, MA, NCC

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Barbara Chandler, LPC