Marriage and Family Intensives

Intensives are a confidential, personal, and focused counseling experience that gets down to the root causes of issues and helps heal both people and their closest and most important relationships.  Our intensives take a holistic approach by assisting you and your loved ones emotionally, spiritually, and in your relationships.  When you’re needing a real change and help in specific areas, know that we are here for you and our intensive programs are designed to meet your particular needs, whatever they may be.

We have counseling and experiential intensives both for couples and families that seek to bring hope, healing, and true change for you and your loved ones.  We see couples and families from all 50 states, so don’t delay!

We Have 3 Intensive Options

Couples Counseling Intensive – For couples looking to regain hope, build trust, and find true healing and intimacy.

Couples Experiential Intensive – An interactive couples experience to produce real change and positive growth and to give couples a new start.

Family Experiential Intensive – An amazing family intensive complete with interactive and educational bonding experiences to bring you and your loved ones closer.