A treatment program for compulsive eating


LifeStyle Transformation is an 18-month out-patient treatment program designed to assist individuals who struggle with compulsive eating to end an unhealthy relationship with food and to transform their lives.

Lifestyle Transformation is designed to assist individuals who struggle with compulsive eating to end an unhealthy relationship with food. Long-lasting recovery is more than temporarily losing weight. Effective therapy addresses the underlying issues in creating a permanent lifestyle change.

LifeStyle is divided into 3 phases

Phase 1 : A Personal Transformation (Addiction Eduction)

A series of 6 classes. Learn about the underlying issues associated with food addiction and develop a Plan of Action for the work ahead. Spouses/Partners may attend at no additional cost.

Phase 2: Implementing Change (Recovery)

Weekly Group therapy begins. Focus is on the work of transformation (facing issues, dealing with barriers, breaking down old habits and building a healthier lifestyle). Meet monthly with a therapist either individually or as a couple to face and overcome your struggles.

Phase 3: Moving Forward (Aftercare)

Continue group and individual work to solidify change and maintain the new habits and patterns you have established. Develop a Relapse Prevention Plan to sustain your Transformation as you leave the program

Our LifeStyle therapists are experts in helping people overcome their unhealthy eating habits, heal from the past, recover the present, and have the future you are meant for.  We will walk through this process with you step by step and be there for each of you in every way possible.


Provides the option for continued Group Therapy for those individuals who would like to extend their LifeStyle Transformation program beyond the 18 months. After Care begins after completion of the 3-Step program at an additional cost.


$200per month. This includes all therapy services, workbooks and materials. Please check with your local Transformation office for information regarding insurance coverage.

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LifeSTYLE Specialists

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Jordan Hall, MA

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Barbara Chandler, LPC

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Dr. Mike Bird, LMFT, CSAT

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Rachel Stiff, LMFT