Group Counseling Programs

Alt TextGroup counseling is one of the most effective ways in helping people to overcome addictions and heal from past trauma.  We are 100% committed to making all our groups confidential and safe environments for all participants to be able to share their hearts and their stories as they need to and in their timing.

We go to great lengths to create a comfortable atmosphere, as well as a system of both encouragement and accountability to take participants from being stuck to being free!  We meet on a weekly basis and seek to help the group grow in compassion, understanding, care, and integrity.  The change we see occur in people’s lives through this process is always amazing.  Thanks for considering our group counseling program and for taking this admirable step to seek healing and recovery!

LifeStar Group Counseling Program

Overcoming Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Here in Colorado Springs, we currently offer two group counseling programs called LifeStar and LifeStyle.  These are dedicated to helping those struggling with compulsive sexual behavior and compulsive eating, respectively.  Our LifeStar and LifeStyle groups take a comprehensive approach to help both addicts and their partners.

To get started on your recovery journey, click on your program of interest or contact us to learn more.