Falling in Love in Under an Hour

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Have you noticed the buzz on the internet lately about the 36 questions that can help you to fall in love? I have. It’s shown up on my Facebook feed over and over again. When I got curious about it, a Google search gave me lots of choices. Everyone from the New York Times to Psychology Today seemed to be …

Attachment Styles

Couples’ Attachment Styles

Teresa Sahhar Couples

HOW YOUR EARLY CONNECTION WITH YOUR PARENTS IS AFFECTING YOUR MARRRIAGE  “Mom finally got a diagnosis that explains all the symptoms she had the last several months. It’s multiple myeloma – blood CANCER.” I read the Facebook message sent by my sister, and a sick feeling immediately invaded my stomach. Cancer. I HATE CANCER. I’d seen too many people suffer …

True Connection

Connection is what it’s all about!

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How can the most connected era be disconnected? Today we face many challenges, but none are bigger than a lack of intimate relationships; I do not mean physical intimacy but relational and emotional intimacy, which is characterized by love and trust.  This is the type of intimacy we truly long for and need in all our primary relationships: God, marriage, …