Charles Hall

MA, Psychotherapist

Areas of Concentration

  • Problem Solving
  • Family Relationships
  • Anger Management
  • Self-Identity
  • Divorce Reaction
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Academic Motivation
  • Pornography
  • Academic Motivation
  • Peer Influence
  • Communication
  • Cutting
  • Social Skills
  • Destructive Behaviors

Adolescent Boys & Young Adult Men Counseling Program

At certain points in an adolescent or young adult’s life, questions begin to grow. Self-identity, college selection, career path, dating, relationships, personal independence and other major life issues require more attention.

Facing these major life decisions can be overwhelming, and it is not uncommon for teenagers or college-aged guys to respond to the fear and pressure with what appears to be a lack of motivation or initiative, engaging in distractions, or even self-destructive behaviors. However, the fear and anxiety that drive these detrimental responses can be mitigated and resolved when he is able to address the thoughts and emotions present and then be counseled on the resulting behaviors.

Whether you are a concerned parent or a young man facing these decisions, individual professional counseling can help an adolescent or young adult get from where he is to where he wants to be. Using tools such as personality assessments and aptitude tests and through self-exploration and examining family context, personal development can be facilitated within four dimensions of life goals:
• Personal: dealing with individually specific issues
• Vocational: school, college, job, career
• Relational: family, friends, dating/marriage aspirations
• Spiritual: personal discovery, preservation, and growth

This program can help those who feel lost gain direction or those who have direction develop a clearer path on the journey of life.

Pre-Engagement and Pre-Marital Counseling Program

Are you in a dating relationship, wanting to ensure your compatibility before taking the next step of engagement or are you engaged wanting to solidify being on the same page with your soon-to-be spouse before making the biggest commitment in life? For the dating couple, counseling can help give you confidence in the next step of engagement before investing large amounts of time and money when wedding planning begins. Great for those wrestling with, “is this the right person for me?” For the engaged couple, counseling can give you the tools and plans towards building a solid marriage foundation, saving and preparing you from dealing with the hardships that can occur in your marital future. Great for those committed to having a long, healthy marriage. Both processes utilize assessment tests and assignments to ensure a targeted process towards understanding your compatibility.


Charles Hall has a Master of Arts in Counseling, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with a Religious Studies Minor. He is currently qualifying as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Charles Hall has prior experience working one and a half years within a residential psychiatric setting, treating a variety of child and adolescent issues. Charles Hall also has many years of involvement in youth leadership and mentoring within various Christian organizations and churches. Additionally, Charles Hall has experience with Marriage and Family studies through his Masters Degree and his time at the Focus on the Family Leadership Institute while interning in the Counseling Department. Lastly, Charles Hall believes his stage of life gives him the experience, yet relatability to his counseling client demographic that can otherwise impede the therapeutic process. His counseling focus is working with adolescent/young adult males and young adult couples, providing care emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Charles Hall has been married since March 2010 and has a daughter born April 2014.

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