Wings of Grace Counseling Services

Wings of Grace Counseling Services is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO and is a group practice of professional counselors dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable, and gracious setting for every client we see.  We focus on complete healing and recovery by caring about the whole person–mind, body, and soul.

We provide counseling to individuals, couples, and families with professional, clinically-sound therapy that is rooted in a Biblical worldview.  Wings of Grace exists to help our clients deal with issues of their past, their personality, their relationships, and their life-circumstances in a sensitive and effective way.  We focus on therapies and counseling that produce long-term health by helping clients identify and resolve the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical root causes of the pain in their lives, while also attending to their immediate concerns.

We are dedicated to bringing healing, recovery, change, and growth to clients of all ages.  We do so through only the best-tested and most researched therapeutic methods.  Most importantly, at Wings of Grace we are 100% committed to providing every client with an atmosphere of care, compassion, grace, understanding, and integrity.

Our goal at Wings of Grace is to equip you with the tools you need and show you the love and respect you’ve been created for.  We desire to see all our clients attain healthier relationships and perspectives, and we want them all to grow in a positive manner and gain the hope and healing they need to progress. We help our clients reconcile their past, resolve pain, and grow in their relationship with God, others, and themselves.

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